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King of New York

The King of New York

Abel Ferrara

28.06 UGC De Brouckère 21:30
Fiction . 103 ' . USA| Italy . 1989 . English / ST : FR

After completing a lengthy prison sentence, one-time drug kingpin Frank White returns to New York intent on reestablishing his empire and making things as they were before he left. Others of course have taken over the business during his absence but that clearly isn’t going to stop White. While he is gunning down the opposition, he decides he’s going to give away the money he’ll make to modernize the hospital in his old neighborhood. Drug dealers aren’t the only thing he has to worry about however: a group of rogue cops decide they are going to take him down.


Christopher Walken

David Caruso

Laurence Fishburne

Victor Argo

Wesley Snipes

Janet Julian

Joey Chin

Giancarlo Esposito

Paul Calderon

Steve Buscemi


Nicholas St.John


Bojan Bazelli


Drew Kunin


Joe Delia


Anthony Redman


The Rank Organisation

Augusto Carminito


Scena Inernational


Carlotta Films

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Abel Ferrara

AFerrara HD--

With a reputation as a director of controversial cinema,
ABEL FERRARA moves into his fourth decade of filmmaking with continued work in the US as well as European projects. Recent successes include Pasolini, starring Willem Dafoe, and Welcome to NY, starring Gerard Depardieu and Jacqueline Bisset. Born in the Bronx in 1951, Ferrara started on Super 8 in his teens in upstate New York with writers Nicholas St. John and John McIntyre. His first features were Driller Killer and Ms. 45 in the late 70s. The 80s and 90s led to a cult reputation with legendary films like The King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, The Addiction and The Funeral. Ferrara just completed the principal photography of his next feature Siberia with Willem Dafoe.



1981 Ms. 45


1987 China Girl

1990 The King of New York

1992 Bad Lieutenant

1993 Body Snatchers

1993 Dangerous Game

1995 The Addiction

1996 The Funeral

1997 The Blackout

1998 New Rose Hotel

2001 R XMas

2005 Mary

2007 Go Go Tales

2008 Chelsea on the Rocks documentary

2009 Napoli, Napoli, Napoli

2011 4:44 – Last Day on Earth

2014 Pasolini

2014 Welcome to New York

2017 Piazza Vittorio documentary

2017 Alive in France documentary

2019 Tommaso

2019 The Projectionist documentary

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