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There is no tomorrow

Sans lendemain

Dermot O Connor

25.06 Galeries 20:30
Animation . 34' . Ireland . 2012 . English / ST : FR

There’s No Tomorrow is an animated film dealing with resource depletion, energy, growth and collapse. It is a primer on the energy dilemmas facing the world of the 21st century.

It should be noted that most people missed the point of the movie, which was not about peak oil or energy per se, but an attack on exponential economic Growth; also, the title scared people, who assumed it means ‘we’re doomed’. This is not the message of the film; reality is challenging enough without people imagining it to be even worse.

TNT is primarily the work of one person, and was created over ~3 years.



Dermot O Connor



Greg Ford

Chip Fabrizi

Michael O Connor


Modulator ESP

J.S. Bach


Charles Ives


Howie Begosa


Incubate pictures

Dermot O Connor


Dermot O’ Connor has practiced hand-drawn animation at Don Bluth, and Disney Interactive. Dermot entered the animation industry in 1988, working for Don Bluth’s studio in Ireland for five years. During that time he was trained in traditional hand-drawn animation. In the mid-90s he directed CD-ROM interactive titles for Creative Capers Entertainment and Disney Interactive, working on such projects as 101 Dalmatians and Timon and Pumbaa’s Gamebreak. He was introduced to Flash in 2000 and began creating animation for Disney in Los Angeles. Currently he teaches animation courses for / Linkedin Learning. He recently completed the animation for Alan Parsons’ new music video As Lights Fall. Since 2012 Dermot has been working on Continuum, a comic book in which Albert Einstein takes a teenage George W. Bush on an adventure through space-time and philosophy.


2010 : ‘Flash Professional CS5: Character Animation’

2011 ‘Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional’

2012 ‘Rigging a Face in Flash Professional’

2014 : ‘Principles of Animation’

2014 : ‘Traditional Animation in Flash’

2018 : ‘Toon Boom Animate/Harmony Essential Training’

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