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Mon Ket

François Damiens

22.06 UGC De Brouckère 19:15
Fiction . 90' . Belgium, France . 2018 . French / ST : FR, NL

Dany Versavel has problems with his 15 year old son Sullivan, who doesn’t like it that his dad is trying to be the ‘cool guy’ in prison. For Dany, his “ket” is the most important person in his life, so he decides to escape from prison to be with his son.


François Damiens

Matteo Salamone

Tatiana Tojo

Christian Brahy

Serge Hutry


François Damiens & Benoît Mariage


Virginie Saintmartin


Pascal Jasmes


Isabelle Devinck


Artémis Productions

CHI-FOU-MI Productions





François Damiens

©FilipVanRoe-François Damien-2 2

François Damiens was born in 1973, in Uccle, Belgium. After studying business, he began his carreer on Belgian TV with his famous hidden cameras and the creation of the character François l’embrouille. Victim of his own success, François Damiens started filming in France. Following his encounter with Michel Hazanavicius, he landed a role in OSS 117, Le Caire nid d’espions in 2006. The same year, he acted in Dikkenek, the cult film directed by Olivier Van Hoofstadt. With the movie La Famille Wolberg, directed by Axelle Ropert, he took on a more dramatic range. Then, after various comedies such as L’Arnacoeur, directed by Pascal Chaumeil (2010) and the Foenkinos Brothers’ La Délicatesse (2011), he acted in the acclaimed movies Suzanne, by Katell Quillévéré, La Famille Bélier, by Eric Lartigau and Les Cowboys by Thomas Bidegain; in which he had more dramatic roles. In 2017, he directed his first feature, Mon Ket, shot only with hidden cameras. He will act in Michel Hazanavicius’ next movie Le Prince oublié, with Omar Sy and Bérénice Béjo.



2016 : Mon ket

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