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La chèvre

Knock on Wood

Francis Veber

27.06 BRIFF Village 22:00
Fiction . 90' . France, Mexique . 1981 . French / ST : FR, NL

President Bens’ daughter has disappeared somewhere in South America. Campana, a private detective, comes back empty handed from an extensive search of the continent. There is only one thing left for Bens to do: send François Perrin, a man as jinxed as his daughter, to find her! So the unlikely pair starts off on their mission.


Pierre Richard

Gérard Depardieu

Corinne Charbit

Michel Robin

André Valardy

Michel Fortin

Pulcher Castan

Pedro Armendariz Junior

Majorie Godin

Jean-Louis Fortuit

Jorge Luke

Jacqueline Noëlle


Francis Veber


Alex Phillips


Bernard Rochut


Vladimir Cosma


Albert Jurgenson





Francis Veber

Francis Verber

Francis Veber is a French director, screenwriter and playwright born in 1937. He firsts started writing in the 60s for the radio and TV, then for the stage, notably the play L’Enlèvement (1968), which became the same year a film for which he wrote the script : Appelez-moi Mathilde. He found success with writing the scripts for Il était une fois un flic (1972) and L’Emmerdeur (1973) and started a long career as screenwriter. He directed his first film, Le Jouet, in 1976, with famous actor Pierre Richard. Francis Veber moved in the 80s to the USA, where he worked as a script doctor for Disney and directed two films there which have marked him as a bad experience. He started writing again and came back to directing French productions, among which the very successful Le Dîner de Cons (1998), and started adapting his own films into plays. Veber is well known for his burlesque comedies and for being the writer of widely successful films.


1976: Le jouet

1983: Les compères

1986: Les fugitifs

1989: Three fugitives

1992: Out on a Limb

1996: Le jaguar

1998: Le dîner de cons

2001: Le placard

2003: Tais-toi!

2006: La doublure

2008: L’emmerdeur

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