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Ilha das Flores

Isle of Flowers

Jorge Furtado

22.06 Galeries 15:30
Documentary . 13' . Brazil . 1989 . Portuguese / ST : FR, NL

A tomato is planted, picked, sold and ends up in the dump on “Flower Island” among pigs, women and children. The difference between tomatoes, pigs and human beings becomes clear.


Ciça Reckziegel

Julia Barth


Jorge Furtado


Sergio Amon

Roberto Henkin


Geraldo Flach


Giba Assis Brasil


Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre


Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre

Jorge Furtado

Jorge Furtado was born in 1959 in Porto Alegre. He is a Brasilian screenwriter and director. In 1987, he co-founds Casa de Cinema, a production company which rejuvenizes the Brasilian independent creative scene. He worked on many different formats such as TV Shows or feature films. His most internationally screened and most famous film is the short film “Isle of Flowers”, which received awards in many festivals and is very typical of his style: a mix of cinematic inspirations and an editing of heterogeneous elements.


1988 : BARBOSA (short)

1991: ESTA NAO E A SUA VIDA (short)

1994 : A MATADEIRA (short)

1997 : ANGELO ANDA SUMIDO (short)

2000 : O SANDUICHE (short)

2007 : RUMMIKUB (short)


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