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Flavia Castro

28.06 Galeries 14:30
Fiction . 96' . Brazil, France, Qatar . 2018 . Portuguese, french, spanish / ST : FR, NL, EN

Joana grew up in Paris surrounded by rock music and literature. But in 1979, when amnesty is granted in Brazil, Joana moves back to the country she barely remembers, overnight and against her will. In Rio, she recovers pieces of memories from a fragmented childhood and a missing father. Not everything is real, not everything is imagination.


Jeanne Boudier

Sara Antunes

Eliane Giardini

Hugo Abranches

Julian Marras

Jesuíta Barbosa

Arthur Raynaud


Flavia Castro


Heloisa Passos


Valeria Ferro

Edson Secco


François Gédigier

Flavia Castro



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Flavia Castro

Flavia Castro photo

Teona Strugar Mitevska was born in 1974 in an artistic family in Skopje, Macedonia. She started as a child actor, trained as a painter and a graphic designer and later studied at MFA program in film at the Tisch School of Arts, New York University. She made her debut as short film director in 2001 with VETA (Special Jury Prize, Berlin International Film Festival 2002). Film HOW I KILLED A SAINT (Tiger Awards Competition of the 2004 Rotterdam International Film Festival) is Teona’s first feature made under the auspices of SISTERS AND BROTHER MITEVSKI, a company she established together with her brother Vuk and sister Labina. Her next feature film, I AM FROM TITOV VELES, received Special Jury Prize at the 2007 Sarajevo Film Festival and was selected for the 2007 Toronto International Film festival (Discovery section), 2008 Berlin International Film Festival (Panorama) and Cannes Film Festival (ACID). Feature film THE WOMAN WHO BRUSHED OFF HER TEARS premiered at 2012 Berlin International Film Festival (Panorama Special) and in 2013 Teona directed and edited film TERESA AND I, a feature documentary about Mother Teresa, her life and work through the perspective of a woman of today. Feature film WHEN THE DAY HAD NO NAME premiered in the Panorama Special of the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival, while her latest feature film GOD EXISTS, HER NAME IS PETRUNYA will be premiered in the Competition of the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival. Since its founding, SISTERS AND BROTHER MITEVSKI have also co-produced several feature films: THE WILD PEAR TREE by Nuri Bilge Ceylan; NIGHTLIFE by Damjan Kozole and SIERRANEVADA by Christi Puiu. Teona Strugar Mitevska lives in Brussels, Belgium with her son Kaeliok.


2015 : Matematica (short)

2011 : Diario de uma busca

2006 : Cada um com seu cada qual short

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